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Tooth Filling Services to Upgrade your Teeth Health

Dentists at Kids & Adult Dental clinics have expertise in the tooth fillings in Littleton,CO. It is an effective way for the dental restoration of broken or fractured teeth. With tooth filling dentistry, dentists help in removing all the composites and bacteria accumulated into a decayed or broken tooth. We offer several types of teeth fillings in Denver to fill the part after removing the decayed part.

  • Amalgam tooth fillings:In the tooth filling process, amalgam is the most common type of filling used for cavities. Dental professional prefers this type of filling as it is strong enough to provide support while chewing. It is often used for the dental restoration of molars. Amalgam is made up of several metallic elements and is the least expensive of all filling materials.
  • Composite Fillings:Made from glass fiber, this type of tooth-colored fillings in Denver CO is durable and supports moderate chewing. Moreover, composite fillings are also used in the tooth filling process to improve teeth color while filling up the cavities.
  • Metals:Different types of filling comes in when it comes to metal filling. People may choose gold or silver for their dental filling services. Gold filling is a costlier option than a silver amalgam filling. This type of filling lasts for 10 to 15 years.
  • Ceramic:Professional dentists often use ceramic filling to fill cavities as this type of filling is tooth coloured. It covers the teeth and also teeth stains better than a composite filling. However, it is an expensive option just like gold filling.
  • Glass Ionomer:Glass ionomer filling is used in dental restoration as it is made of acrylic and glass that release fluoride to help protect teeth. However, it is less durable than other types of filling. It needs to be replaced in 5 years.

The tooth filling process is also said to be a dental restoration process as it enables you to restore the damaged tooth by taking out the decayed part and filling it with the dental filling.

The tooth filling process helps to plain the surface of the tooth and improve the function of biting and chewing. Most patients opting for dental restoration develop sensitivity problems due to loss of enamel. The tooth filling process eliminates such problems by filling up the cavity to compensate for the enamel loss.

Filling Dentistry About

How Cavity Filling is done?



The tooth filling process starts with dentists executing anesthesia in the patient’s mouth. It numbs the affected area so that the patients do not feel pain throughout the procedure.

Cleaning the teeth

Cleaning the teeth

During dental restoration, the nearby areas of the affected tooth are also prepared. Dentists use laser light to remove bacteria preventing infection. Once the cleaning is done, the cavity is filled with the preferred choice of filling.

Moisture prevention

Moisture prevention

After the filling is inserted into the cavity, it requires isolation. Dentists prevent moisture from coming in contact with the filling which is essential for the tooth bonding process. A special kind of light is used to harden and fix the layers properly with adherents. Finally, the dentist shapes and polishes the tooth.

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